Christie to Noah: My Plan ‘Less Expensive Than a 2,000 Mile Wall’


On the third night of Trevor Noah’s tenure as host of The Daily Show, he welcomed New Jersey Governor and Presidential candidate Chris Christie on the show. After an improvised line from Noah’s killed early on in the interview (he told Christie there’s a “requirement to lie” in his job), the two settled in and found a range of topics to hit.

Christie used one of his go-to talking points on the campaign trail, which has been his work as a Republican official with a Democratic state legislature and his ability to “find compromise” however needed.

The new host, born in South Africa, dove into the issue of immigration with the New Jersey Governor and his proposed biometrics plan. Christie said, “We should be able to track people who come into the country on visas for a particular period of time. These are not people who are immigrating here to stay here forever”.

Christie’s proudest moment came at the tail end of this discussion, when he slyly ended with, “That’s a lot less expensive than a 2,000 mile wall across the entire southern border, how ‘bout that?”.

Christie sat proud after his swipe on Donald Trump, and even drew an applause from the novice host Trevor Noah and, presumably, left-leaning crowd.

Singer Ryan Adams will be the guest and performer on tonight’s Daily Show.

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