Christine Pelosi Tells CNN Her Mother ‘Would Rather Not Have Impeached’ Trump: ‘She Simply Has To’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi told CNN that her mother would have liked to not impeach President Donald Trump, but felt she had no choice.

“My mom has such a strong commitment to her call to service. She would rather not have impeached the president,” Christine Pelosi, a political strategist, told anchor Ana Cabrera on CNN Newsroom Saturday.

“She thinks that for–when you look at gun violence, climate, when you look at health care, when you look the at the need for rebuilding the economy in a green new way, those are differences that can be resolved by an election. And yet the behavior is so shocking, it is so shocking that it’s something she simply has to do,” she continued.

“Do you as her daughter worry about what this may be doing to her emotionally and professionally?” Cabrera asked.

“There’s nobody I admire more than Nancy Pelosi and no one is stronger for this moment than Nancy Pelosi,” Christine Pelosi said. “If it was me speaking as a daughter I wish she was here watching any daughter in a play, but speaking as me as an American I want to see the strongest leader possible and that person is Nancy Pelosi. So I’m willing to sacrifice our family time for what I think the country needs.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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