Chuck Todd Asks Megan Rapinoe ‘What Do You Tell a Trump Supporter Who Loves Watching You?’


Chuck Todd put World Cup soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe on the spot by asking her, “What do you tell a Trump supporter who loves watching you,” and would like her to reconsider appearing at the White House.

On Sunday morning’s edition of Meet the Press, Todd repeatedly asked Rapinoe about her activism, and what she could do to reach out to supporters of President Donald Trump, whom she has refused to meet at The White House.

“You were talking about at the beginning that you see an opportunity here to preach a message of unity,” Todd said, and asked, “how do you preach unity and at the same time you don’t want to be near President Trump, and I get that, how do you do both?”

“I’m figuring that out by the day,” Rapinoe said, adding, “I think you inspire people.”

“What do you tell a Trump supporter who loves watching you? And is like, ‘I wish she’d go to the White House’?” Todd asked.

“Yeah, I think that I would, you know, try to share our message,” Rapinoe replied, adding “Do you, you know, believe that all people are created equal? Do you believe that equal pay should be mandated? Do you believe that everyone should have healthcare? Do you believe that we should treat everyone with respect?”

“I think those are the basics of what we’re talking about,” she continued. “And I understand people feel upset or uncomfortable. There’s I think some feelings of disrespect about the anthem protest or things that I’ve said in the past, but ultimately I think I am here open and honest.”

“I’ve admitted mistakes,” Rapinoe said. “I will continue to do that. I will continue to be vulnerable and be honest and be open and want to have that conversation because I think Trump’s message excludes people that look like me and that are me, of course, but it excludes a lot of people in his base as well. And I think that he’s trying to divide so he can conquer, not unite so we can all conquer.”

Todd then asked if there was anything Trump could do “to change your mind about a visit to the White House?”

“There’s, like, 50 policy issues that we can probably reverse and get going,” Rapinoe replied with a laugh. “I mean, it would take a tremendous amount I think. I understand that progress is sometimes slow and I’ll never close any door all the way. But I think it would take more than Trump is willing to do.”

Rapinoe also rejected the idea of running for office, but said that she will continue her activism.

Watch the clip above, via NBC News.

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