Chuck Todd Gives Clinton’s Campaign Launch an ‘A’

Hillary Clinton finally launched her 2016 campaign yesterday, rolling out a website, introductory video, new Facebook page, and then, most surprisingly, a road trip to Iowa. After two years of nearly inexhaustible coverage leading up to this moment, how did the political press think it went?

According to Chuck Todd: “very correctly.”

“Every box was checked,” Todd said on Morning Joe. “They put out the campaign memo that said ‘We’re going to be a united team, there’s no back biting.’ The video had every part of Democratic coalition represented.”

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“Then we found out about the road trip and I thought, oh, there’s some spontaneity; it actually felt as if she was having fun,” he continued. “The road trip gives it some humanity. That’s what you really needed at the end. So you throw that in there, you take a B+ launch and make it an A.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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