Chuck Todd Goes Off After Hugh Hewitt Knocks Trump-Russia Media Coverage: This Isn’t About the Media!

Chuck Todd got a bit annoyed this morning when Hugh Hewitt said it’s the media that’s framing a narrative that President Donald Trump has a Russia blind spot.

The Meet the Press panel this morning was talking about the Trump summit with Vladimir Putin and Todd’s interview with Ambassador Jon Huntsman earlier this morning.

Todd brought up comments from Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats sounding the alarm just days ago on the cybersecurity issue, bewilderedly asking, “The President’s going to sit down and try to befriend somebody who Director Coats says is currently attacking the United States?”

Amy Walter noted Trump’s comments already that 1) Putin won’t cop to it, and 2) it happened under Obama. Both are true, she said, but the point here is to tell Putin “we know you did it.”

Hewitt noted that the Russians have been doing this for a long while, bringing up that infamous Russia debate exchange between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012, before saying, “I just think that the American media is trying to infuse Donald Trump with a sort of willful blindness that he doesn’t demonstrate.”

That comment immediately set off Todd, who asked, “What the heck are you doing about with media? This is not media! This is John McCain, this is Mark Warner, these are serious officials on both sides! This is not the media! That’s such a cop-out. I’m tired of that.”

Hewitt insisted that the media commentary around the summit is making Trump “appear to be unprepared” for this when he has a good national security team around him.

Todd again said, “It’s not the media that’s saying this! Our own reporting––it’s people inside the White House saying it, Hugh!”

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