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Chuck Todd Grills Obama: Was the ‘You Can Keep Your Plan’ Line a ‘Political Lie’?

During Chuck Todd‘s exclusive interview with President Obama, Todd brought up criticism by columnist and MSNBC analyst Clarence Page that the “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” line was a “political lie,” and asked Obama point-blank if he understands why people might be far more skeptical of him now for what they perceive as a big lie on a major piece of legislation.

Todd asked if the White House was so bogged down in politics that they just “shorthanded this.” Obama insisted his goal all along has been to reform a broken health care system in the “least disruptive way possible,” also noting that “everybody’s acting as if the existing market was working.”

The president did acknowledge that many people are getting cancellation letters and so a quick fix is needed to “make sure that they are not feeling as if they’ve been betrayed.”

Todd referred again to the oft-quoted “if you like your plan line” and how it fell through, asking “Do you understand if people are going to be skeptical of the next promise you make?” Obama dismissed the idea he muddled or covered up anything. He told Todd throughout his political life he has always spoken his mind and been “very clear” about what he’s been trying to accomplish.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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