Chuck Todd Grills Rick Scott on Trump-Cummings Feud: Is Stoking Racial Resentment ‘Good Politics’ for GOP?

NBC’s Chuck Todd pressed Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) on Sunday with multiple questions on President Donald Trump’s incendiary Twitter barrage on Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

During Scott’s broad-range interview with Meet The Press, Todd brought Trump’s attacks on Cummings by saying “the president spends a lot of time on his Twitter feed trying to racially divide the country. Does that undermine the efforts of the Republican Party in the state of Florida?”

Scott stalled with his answer before saying “we have got to do everything we can to bring this country back together,” but Todd pressed on by asking “Why doesn’t the president think that?”

“Doing this, it’s just stoking racial resentment,” Todd said. “Left and right, he’s done it multiple times this month alone. He obviously thinks this is good politics inside the Republican Party. Do you think it’s good politics inside the Republican Party?”

Scott responded that Trump’s tweets came after Cummings criticized border patrol officials for their handling of the situation at the border, to which, Todd asked, “But that justifies a racial resentment tweet in response? Is that presidential leadership?”

Scott answered that he didn’t write the tweet before pivoting to criticize Cummings and Congressional Democrats for their conduct and positions on border security.

“It’s not lost on me that you’re harsher on Elijah Cummings than on the president and what he has done,” Todd noted in response. “You seem hesitant to criticize the president individually on these things. I understand the politics of it, but do we ever heal if each side just goes into their corner?”

Watch above, via NBC.

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