Chuck Todd Grills Steve Mnuchin on Trump Calling Ukraine to Investigate Biden: ‘Why Didn’t He Go to the FBI?’


NBC’s Chuck Todd grilled Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin about President Donald Trump allegedly asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, asking why Trump didn’t go to the FBI if he was concerned.

“His conversations with Ukraine’s president and this issue of an investigation, I assume you don’t know some of these details but let me just ask this. Do you know why the president hasn’t gone to the FBI about these allegations?” Todd asked Mnuchin on Meet the Press Sunday.

“I think it would be highly inappropriate to release a transcript of a call between two world leaders. I think the bigger story here is really what went on with Biden and his son,” Mnuchin said, responding with two points that Todd didn’t ask about.

“I don’t understand how that has anything to do with what’s going on with this situation. Going back to – if the president believes an American is doing something wrong, why didn’t he go to the FBI? Why is he outsourcing the investigation to the Ukrainian government?” Todd asked again.

“I don’t know if — I wouldn’t know if he — I don’t believe he did outsource the investigation. I wasn’t on the call,” Mnuchin responded. “And I don’t know what conversations the president has had with the Attorney General [Bill Barr]. He may have had conversations already.”

Todd then asked if there were no issues with the conversation, “so why not release the transcript?”

“Again, I think that these are confidential discussions between world leaders and world leaders expect that they’re going to be kept confidential,” Mnuchin said. “Has nothing to do with this call per se.”

Watch above, via NBC News.

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