Chuck Todd: Hillary Used Immigration Speech to ‘Slow Down’ Clinton Funding Story

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd found the timing of Hillary Clinton’s big move on immigration this week a little fishy, as it “ate up a news cycle” that was otherwise being dominated by questions about the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donations.

“It was a surprising rollout of her immigration policy, sort of the first time that she had rolled out any policy,” Todd said.

“I think that was their one hope, that they could at least step on, hoping to slow down the Bill Clinton story. I always wonder did they mean to roll out any policy before she actually formally announced? I bet you they didn’t, but then it was suddenly it was, ‘let’s eat up a news cycle and slow Bill down.'”

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(It was actually her second policy proposal following a criminal justice reform speech at Columbia University last week, and she’s already announced, but hey.)

A new book has alleged that Clinton traded favorable treatment from the State Department for multimillion dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation. The allegations also refocus scrutiny onto her use of a private email server while Secretary of State and subsequent deletion of those emails.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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