Chuck Todd: If Economy Falters, Will Trump Supporters ‘Be as Forgiving’ of His Norm-Breaking Presidency?

Chuck Todd opened this morning’s Meet the Press by asking whether President Donald Trump‘s supporters will continue to be “forgiving” of his norm-breaking presidency if the economy tanks.

“Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has had one powerful and faithful ally, the economy,” Todd said. “More than anything else, he has counted on the economy to help overcome doubts about his style and carry him to re-election. But that ally may be deserting him.”

Given the concerning economic news over the past week, Todd said, “The question for the president: will his supporters, who have either embraced or simply accepted so much of his norm-breaking presidency, be as forgiving of all of those breaking of norms if the economy falters?”

A new NBC/WSJ poll taken before the stock market tumble this past week shows the president’s approval rating at 43 percent. Todd also highlighted an increase in Americans’ support for free trade since December 2015.

You can watch above, via NBC.

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