Chuck Todd Knocks Sasse’s Rationale for Nat’l Emergency Vote: I Can’t Find ‘Pelosi Amendment’ in Constitution

On MTP Daily Friday, Chuck Todd expressed disbelief at Senator Ben Sasse‘s decision to vote against blocking President Donald Trump‘s national emergency.

Sasse received some criticism for his vote, and Todd brought up comments from the Nebraska Republican from 2015 in which he said he plans to “speak up the next time a president of my party seeks to exceed his or her legitimate constitutional powers.”

The senator said in a statement yesterday that 1) there’s an “obvious crisis at the border,” 2) he considers the National Emergencies Act “overly broad” and has concerns about executive overreach, and 3) ultimately he’s voting against blocking the emergency declaration because the resolution was “politically motivated” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“How does that work?” Todd asked. “I have a copy of the Constitution in here, just so you know… I’ve been looking all day for the Pelosi amendment. There is no Pelosi amendment in there.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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