Chuck Todd ‘Not Looking Forward’ to Next Time He Meets Obama

Chuck Todd scored an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama for his debut on Meet The Press back in September. But now that his new book, The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House, has been released, the host told Conan O’Brien that he’s “not looking forward” to the next time he comes face to face with the president.

Todd describes the book as “neither a liberal defense nor a conservative attack” on Obama, though it is quite critical at times. For instance, Todd writes that while Obama “wanted to soar above partisanship,” his time in office will “be remembered as a nadir of partisan relations.” He adds that at time, “Obama’s arrogance got the better of him.”

“I am not looking forward to the next time I see him,” Todd admitted to O’Brien, predicting that Obama might needle him about specific point, which could be “intimidating.” But he also pointed out that he asked to interview the president for the book and the White House declined.

Later in his interview with O’Brien, Todd took some time to praise Obama’s quick wit and sense of humor. Todd told the story of introducing his wife to the president at a White House event. When she introduced herself by saying, “Hi, Mr. President, my name’s Kristian,” Obama replied, “Hi, I’m a Muslim.”

Watch video below, via TBS:

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