Chuck Todd: Obama ‘Gets His Back Up’ When Told He Has to Fire Someone Over Scandal

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was asked, on Wednesday, for his reaction to President Barack Obama declining to seek the resignation of his Veterans Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki. Todd said that it is the president’s style is to avoid seeking resignations from his advisors when they are embroiled in controversy. He added that the president even seems to become indignant when he is pressured to pursue a resignation.

“This was an attempt, I think, to stop the political bleeding,” Todd said of Obama’s address on Wednesday. “This has become a political problem for the White House.”

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“He had to come out and say something,” Todd added.

Todd noted that the president is taking a risk by not doing something more “dramatic” like seeking Shinseki’s resignation. “The more politically expedient thing to do would be to hang Shinseki out to dry,” he added.

“He almost gets his back up the more people tell him you must feed the political beast,” Todd concluded.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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