Chuck Todd: Obama Should Lower Website Expectations So ‘Lazy Media’ Don’t Jump on Every Issue

During a Monday morning discussion of’s failures, NBC’s Chuck Todd suggested it’s best that the administration lower the bar of expectations for the “perfection” of the website, otherwise “lazy media” and opposition parties jump on an opportunity to criticize the Affordable Care Act’s rollout.

Last week, Washington Post administration sources suggested the White House would be satisfied with the Obamacare website if 80% of users are able to enroll for healthcare plans by November 30th. Todd sees this as the government learning a lesson in lowering expectations.

“You’ve got to say at least they’re learning some lesson here which is lower the bar,” he said to his Morning Joe co-panelists. “Because they know it’s not going to run perfectly on November 30th. And if you promised a perfect website then you would have lazy media and some in the opposition party who would just say, ‘A-ha! The website took — look at it, there’s the hourglass! There’s the hourglass!'”

“Lower the bar,” agreed co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“You gotta lower the bar a little bit,” Todd confirmed.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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