Chuck Todd: Obama to Hold Daily Events Promoting ‘Workable’ Obamacare Website

After two months of bad press for the Affordable Care Act’s federal insurance exchange website and several weeks of round-the-clock fixes to the website, President Barack Obama is “confident enough” in the finished product that he plans to hold a number of events promoting the website and the law’s benefits.

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd told the hosts of Today on Tuesday that Obama is “confident enough” in HealthCare.Gov that he and his allies are ready to launch a “coordinated campaign” to drive users to the site.

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“You’re going to hear the president say that it’s more than a website,” Todd revealed. “He’s going to tout the website. He’s going to promote the fact that people can go to the website and buy insurance, but he’s going to talk about the bigger picture.”

“Every day, sometimes it’s going to be President Obama, sometimes it’s going to be other Democrats, but every day between now and December 23,” the NBC News correspondent added, “you’re going to see some event launched here at the White House touting this health care law.

“All of this,” Todd concluded, “is because they believe finally HealthCare.Gov is at least a workable website, if not a perfect one.”

Watch the report below via NBC:

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