Chuck Todd on Looming GOP Divide: ‘Just Whose Republican Party Is This Right Now?’

Chuck Todd started today’s MTP Daily by asking if the White House has a “Flake news problem.”

Yes, Senator Jeff Flake has become rather outspoken against the Trump administration with his new book, Conscience of a Conservative, making it clear he’s concerned about the direction of his party and its silence over many of the troubling things coming from the White House.

Todd recapped these new developments by saying, “Welcome to the ultimate test of loyalty for conservatives. And the ultimate test of discipline for the president. Just whose Republican Party is this right now?”

He went over how Flake’s trying to “shame” his colleagues in multiple media appearances and in his book, particularly on the question of President Trump.

But given the hesitations of other Republicans to be quite as critical, Todd added, “We’re a long way from a mutiny, if you are looking for that.”

But he also posed this question about what’s in store when Flake runs for reelection:

“Can Flake’s conservative survive in the chaos of Trumpism, or should we be asking it the other way around? Can Trump and all of his chaos survive a conservatism? There are plenty of folks on the right who seem fed up with both approaches, which is perhaps why we saw so many senators today unwilling to aggressively defend either approach. What we’re left with is a toxic collision between a party that’s losing faith in a leader they see as increasingly feckless and a leader losing faith in a party that he sees as increasingly disloyal.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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