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Chuck Todd Pours Cold Water on Hillary’s ‘Hard Work’ Line: Wealthy by ‘Being the Clintons’

Contrary to Hillary Clinton‘s assertion that she and her husband Bill have accumulated their wealth through the “dint of hard work,” MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and panel reminded viewers on Friday morning that the political power couple really just became well-off by virtue of being the Clintons.

During a discussion on Clinton’s defenses of her controversial comments about not being like other well-off individuals, Todd got rather frank with his panel:

Let’s remember how she created her wealth. They didn’t do it in some incredible business, creating jobs and all this. They just acquired wealth for being the Clintons. Why is he earning $100 million? Because people want to hear Bill Clinton speak. Look, he worked very hard to build a track record to make him attractive to donors, but this is not like shoveling coal; this is not like building a factory. And so there is that aspect too. It’s not like they have acquired their wealth from hard work.

Roll Call reporter Shira Center agreed, pointing out that “There’s sort of a double standard with presidential candidates: Mitt Romney was judged for his wealth, she’ll be judged for her wealth as well. But the reality is to run for president, you have to have a certain level of comfortability.”

“But it’s not the wealth that’s the issue,” Todd added, “it’s being in touch.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:


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