Chuck Todd Presses Acting DHS Sec. on US Pandemic Response: ‘Even the President and His Campaign’ Aren’t Following Guidelines


Chuck Todd spoke with acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf on Meet the Press Sunday over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic concerns, even invoking the rally President Donald Trump held Saturday night.

As Todd questioned him on the “precarious situation” the U.S. is in, Wolf defended the U.S. response and pointed to China “not being very clear, not being upfront about what they were seeing early on”

“We’re seeing a number of states throughout the country in different phases, from phase one to phase three,” Wolf continued, “trying to get this economy, trying to get the country back up and running, and we’re doing a great job at that.”

“Is this is what is considered a good job at this point?” Todd asked. “Other countries in Europe have been able to flatten their curves and we have not. If anything, we’re on the rise, and I know we’re doing more testing, but I want to show you these statistics right now, very troubling in the South.”

He showed spikes in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma and asked Wolf what the U.S. should be doing in response.

Wolf pointed to the CDC guidance that states should be doing, “and I think we’re seeing that from social distancing to the face coverings and everything in between.”

Todd then brought up the president’s big rally:

“It looks as if, though, that what you guys have put out, the guidelines that you’ve put out, the guidelines that CDC has put out, I mean, even the president and his campaign aren’t following these guidelines, holding an indoor rally. Is it a surprise that the public is not following these guidelines as well as they should, given that the example from the top is not wearing a mask, holding an indoor rally, against the recommendations of public health officials, including people on the task force?”

Wolf took issue with the question, saying Oklahoma is “in a phase three reopening” and pointing to some steps the campaign took like offering masks and hand sanitizer.

You can watch above, via NBC.

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