Chuck Todd Questions Timing of Election Security Briefing: White House Desperate to Turn The Page


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd raised skepticism of Thursday’s White House press briefing on election security, noting the discussion by intelligence chiefs on Russian election meddling was long overdue.

“It’s arguably because of this president that some are wondering why they chose today to have this press conference,” Todd said during his monologue later that day on Meet the Press. Not only was it curious that President Donald Trump was absent, Todd noted, but that the administration had already passed up on numerous other opportunities to hold the conference during scandals such as the Mueller indictments to Facebook’s discovery of shady accounts.

“Why now?” he asked. “We’re less than 100 days from the midterms and why did this happen the day after the president tweeted about obstructing the Russia investigation as his campaign chief is on trial, as his former personal attorney is making serious allegations against him, and as there’s a real risk Mueller could subpoena Mr. Trump for testimony?”

For Todd, the briefing looked a lot more like a distraction tactic than a genuine attempt to address concerns over election interference, which is already a threat as the midterms approach.

“For some, it’s going to take more than one surprise briefing to convince them that what we heard today about cracking down on Russia has the full backing of the president and it was not an effort by a White House communications team desperate to turn the page from the other headaches they’d been asked about all week,” Todd said.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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