Chuck Todd Repeatedly Scolds Kellyanne Conway for Trying to Attack Rep. Ilhan Omar


NBC News’ Chuck Todd repeatedly cut off White House counselor and Bowling Green Massacre Truther Kellyanne Conway when she tried to change the subject by attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MI) during an interview about immigration.

On Sunday morning’s edition of Meet the Press, Todd pressed Conway at length about Trump’s latest immigration maneuver — his threat to send migrants to so-called sanctuary cities — as well as his past machinations on the issue.

Todd asked Conway how Trump is “playing a constructive role in this” immigration discussion, and cited Trump’s government shutdown, his national emergency declaration, his threat to shut the border, and his latest threat about sanctuary cities.

Conway responded by naming some of the other policies that Trump supports, then tried to change the subject by saying “I think the rough rhetoric this week, respectfully, came from the other side.”

“You have, there’s this anti-Semitic congresswoman who has been rebuked by members of her own party now saying something happened to someone,” Conway began, but Todd cut her off.

“Whoah, whoah, whoah, what are you talking, this has nothing to do with immigration,” Todd interrupted. “You’re trying, no no no no, I know what you’re trying to do here, I want to go back to why the president is trying to browbeat Democrats.”

He then continued to ask Conway about finding “common ground” with Democrats, but a minute later, Conway tried to bring up Rep. Omar again.

“Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted that she’s so tired of, they’re so tired of being used to show that the party is diverse and that they can’t get a seat at the two table, can’t get their policy issues forward, something that was retweeted by congresswoman Ilhan Omar, so I think there’s trouble in Pelosi Paradise, but if she wants to fix immigration she can come.”

“You keep trying to insert other, you keep trying to do these things,” Todd said. “I want to go back to how the president is, perhaps, making this situation worse.”

Whatever Todd did appears to have worked, because Conway did not bring Rep. Omar up again for the duration of the interview.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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