Chuck Todd Thinks Obama Should Have Gone to Baltimore

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wondered Sunday morning whether President Barack Obama was foregoing a “powerful image” by not going to Baltimore to address the aftermath of the Freddie Gray protests.

“We have American’s first African American president,” Todd said. “Didn’t go to Ferguson. Didn’t go to Sanford. Didn’t go to North Charleston. And [the White House] has said they’re not going to Baltimore. It’s always, ‘Well, we’ll get in the way.’ But wouldn’t that be powerful image, if he’s walking the streets of inner city Baltimore?”

“That would be a mighty powerful image,” American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan agreed, though she pointed out that the presence of the president would have greatly complicated the efforts of law enforcement to keep the peace in a precarious situation.

“I do believe that he should go to Baltimore,” Ryan said. “This is a legacy issue for him…It sends a powerful message. There are going to be more of these situations, and people need to know that the leader of this country is there.”

Watch the clip below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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