Chuck Todd: We Should Be Careful in How to Cover Trump’s ‘Dishonest Proposal’ on Birthright Citizenship

This afternoon on MSNBC, Chuck Todd asked, “How do you cover a dishonest proposal from the President of the United States honestly?”

Todd said that’s clearly what President Donald Trump‘s talk of ending birthright citizenship was, saying he’s actually proposing “that we stop talking about bombs sent to his political opponents by a political supporter, that we stop talking about whether a mass murderer was somehow influenced by his words or policy proposals, that we stop talking about the connection between his rhetoric and a spike in ethnic attacks.”

Todd said the media can’t exactly ignore it when he’s the President and “what he says does matter.”

But do we take it seriously? Well, he argued, then Trump ends up being “our assignment editor,” particularly on a topic where he’s proposing something “ludicrous” and unconstitutional.

So in actually covering what Trump said today, Todd told viewers that “this so-called proposal” will go nowhere and added, “We won’t report on something that won’t happen because the President won’t be happy if we don’t. ‘Cause you know what that would be? That would be fake news.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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