Chuck Todd: White House, Kerry Have ‘So Much Rage’ at Snowden

Most of the time, when a politician or government official takes to TV to express their anger about something, it’s either not genuine or completely trumped up. But Chuck Todd said on NBC Nightly News tonight that Edward Snowden has filled the Obama White House, and John Kerry in particular, with “so much rage,” and it’s pretty damn genuine.

NBC News scored an exclusive interview with Snowden airing in full on NBC tonight, and in response, Kerry expressed outrage over Snowden and called him a coward for not returning to the United States. Todd said this is the kind of rage he often hears when talking to people in government about Snowden. He explained, “That wasn’t political theater. Sometimes you hear anger that’s political theater, that’s real rage. And the anger with Edward Snowden has to do with not the theft itself, but the selective leaks that they hate that they believe has undermined America’s standing in the world.”

And beyond that, Todd reported, Kerry tends to get pretty irritated every time he meets with European leaders and they keep cracking jokes about whether the NSA’s spying on the meeting. “That’s why they have so much rage at Edward Snowden,” he said.

Watch the video below, via NBC (Todd comes in at the 4:30 mark):

[image via screengrab]

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