Chuck Todd: Why Is Jan Brewer ‘Dragging Out’ Veto on ‘Anti-LGBT’ Bill?

Following cryptic and contradictory reports from the office of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) Tuesday about a potential veto of SB 1062, the bill on her desk that would allow private businesses to refuse service to members of the LGBT community, a Morning Joe panel Wednesday morning called the veto a no-brainer, leading Chuck Todd to wonder why Brewer didn’t just get it over with.

“What is she doing?” he asked. “Why is she dragging this out? What was that tweet? Why create drama around this?” Later in the segment, he added: “Rip the band-aid off. Sign it or veto it. Dragging it out is helping nobody.”

Yesterday, early reports emerged that Brewer would veto the bill, before her office refuted them. Last night she tweeted:

The panel referenced Arizona’s late-80s fight against enacting Martin Luther King Day as a paid holiday. “Arizona has this horrendous reputation as sort of the state that is just the last to accept social change,” Todd said. “Martin Luther King Day, immigration, now on gay rights. These people have been in the sun too long. Maybe it’s frying them in the head…Just cranky retirees and people on the Witness Protection Program, that’s who’s left in Arizona?”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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