Chuck Todd ‘Would Be Very Surprised’ if Obama Knew of Hillary’s Personal Email in Advance

As the extent of Hillary Clinton‘s use of private email becomes known, the focus has started to turn to whether the Obama administration knew anything about it. So far, no one knows — but Chuck Todd thinks it’s highly unlikely, given that there was “absolutely no love lost” between Clinton’s team and Barack Obama‘s people.

As proof, Todd cited the fact that former Obama administration officials like Robert Gibbs had gone after hard after Hillary in light of the revelations. “They’re not very forgiving on this,” he noted on Morning Joe.

He also pointed out that the administration, which had trounced Hillary in the 2008 election, made her jump through multiple hoops in order to get the job, and that having a secret email server would have just made them fight against her harder in public:

I’d like to know if they knew about this e-mail server in advance. I would be surprised if they did because if they did, I got to think: knowing how they raised so many objections to even individual hires, that she attempted to make, like Sidney Blumenthal, I got to think if the White House knew about it at that time, they would have raised a red flag.

Watch below via MSNBC:

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