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Chyron of the Day: Dr. Nancy Asks If Tiger Woods Is A Sex Addict

MSNBC, 12:20pmET:


“What’s up with all those women?” asked Dr. Nancy Snyderman today on MSNBC, during her discussion about Tiger Woods and the increasing number of names being associated with the billionaire golfer. And she has a theory: sex addiction. And some other theories.

“I’ve been saying all morning long, ‘could this be sex addiction, or is this just bad behavior?'” she asked of her guests during the segment, while the chyron below read: “Is Tiger Woods A Sex Addict?”

Later, Dr. Nancy expanded on her personal theory:

The kid who’s channeled by an overbearing parent, the blinders are always on. Goes to Stanford makes decent grades, drops out. Channel, channel, channel, channel. Daddy dies, lots of fame, lots of money and then you marry the beautfiul swede, and then you’ve got the Madonna/Whore complex. So it’s all just a little too structured, and then boom, an explosion with no social parameters.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Drew has already weighed in on the whole “sex addiction” possibility.

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Here’s the Dr. Nancy segment:

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