Chyron of the Day: Dueling “Clunker” Storylines

FNC, 6:18amET:


Illustrating the two very different storylines coming out of D.C. after the “Cash for Clunkers” took effect, here’s how two cable morning show segments framed the debate (at least in the lower third). Fox & Friends anchor Steve Doocy led a segment this morning that equated the “Clunker” debate with the health care story.

“Cash For Clunkers Bankrupt” says the top line, with “Can Govt Successfully Run Healthcare?” underneath. This was one of several chyrons about the negatives of the program.

And five minutes later, around the dial…

CNN, 6:23amET:


CNN’s American Morning asks of the program, “The stimulus that works?” Correspondent Christine Romans answers during the segment: “This is what a successful stimulus program looks like.” The clunker debate is likely to continue throughout the day on the cablers…and continue down very different paths.

Thanks to Jennifer from Detroit for passing this along.

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