Chyron of the Day: Is Carrie Prejean Really “Still Standing”?


MSNBC, 12:47pmET:


Is Carrie Prejean really, “Still Standing,” as her book title suggests? Because to MSNBC, she just may be in fact sitting down, or apparently being picked up in an embrace by a jilted ex. Or, of course, taping herself…

MSNBC’s entertainment correspondent Courtney Hazlett was a guest this afternoon, and Monica Novotny asked her about Prejean and her media blitz. And Hazlett didn’t hold back. “A sex tape could be the best thing that’s ever happened to this girl,” she said. “The reason we have Paris Hilton, the reason we have that Kardashian girl is because they got caught with sex tapes.”

Also: “Carrie Prejean is either the smartest thing in the world…or, she’s not.”

The TMZ pictures and phone call with Prejean’s ex came up as well. “I woudn’t be surprised if she called up that ex-boyfriend and said, ‘Hey this is TMZ’s phone number if you want to tell them your side of the story.'”

I’d be surprised – Prejean is a 22-year-old that wants to sell books, yes, but is proving to be in over her head when it comes to the media. Moments like this and others on MSNBC seem to be taking joy in kicking a person when she’s down.

She’s now a public figure, so she’s made herself a target for criticism, but this begins approaching the line of going overboard.

No video yet on…if you find we’ll post.

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