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Chyron of the Day: It’s Time To Brush Up On Tsunamis

Fox News, 3:28pmET:


There is a potentially tragic story coming out of American Samoa right now, as reports are coming in of a tsunami hitting the region after a 7.9 earthquake. All the cable news networks have been covering the story, with increased frequency as more news comes in. But sometimes, even in serious stories, the lower third’s raise eyebrows.

On Fox News this afternoon, a serious of explanatory chyrons flashed by – and continued to do so during Studio B. With the now larger font, reading “Tsunami is not a single wave, but a series of waves” can cause a double-take.

We’ll put it in the category of “Who is this chyron’s audience exactly?” with this one from earlier this month on MSNBC.

That said, our own Glynnis MacNicol had this to say: “Watching Shepard Smith covering a tsunami is almost as good as watching him cover a car chase.” Agreed – almost. Wait until he steps out into a hurricane!

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