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Chyron of the Day: Take A Guess How This Guy ‘Endured Propaganda’

Fox News, 7:34amET:


This morning on Fox & Friends, a clip of a man named Chris Cherest was played with the thought-provoking chyron “Endured An Hour of Propaganda” underneath his name. Obviously, there’s a lot of different ways this could go. Any guesses before we reveal what “propaganda” he “endured”?

Depending on your cabler-of-choice, Mr. Cherest either just finished up an hour of a “Special Comment”-filled Countdown with Keith Olbermann or waited in the green room watching the 6amET hour of Fox & Friends.

But sadly, no. Cherest was just an attendee at the rather boisterous town hall last night of Rep. Steny Hoyer. Apparently he spoke for an hour without taking questions.

And apparently that constitutes ‘enduring propaganda,’ at least to the F&F chyron writers.

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