Chyron of the Day: What Would Jesus Do…About Health Care?

Fox News, 6:18amET:


Is there a way Fox News can bring religion into the health care debate? Of course! They successfully accomplished that today with a cancer-surviving Bishop as a guest on Fox & Friends – and used the fantastic chyron “What Would Jesus Do?” But that’s not all.

Bishop Harry Jackson was the guest for a quick interview this morning on the FNC morning show, and not surprisingly, he’s not a fan of the Obama administration’s plan.

And it wasn’t just the chyron that asked the WWJD question. “Well here’s a loaded question,” began co-host Gretchen Carlson at the beginning of the interview. “What would Jesus do? That’s the question for many Christians when it comes to health care reform.”

Really? Is it? Well, it is now…

Thanks to Jennifer from Detroit for passing along this tip.

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