CLEANUP! Sec. Wilbur Ross Clarifies Earlier Comments: Gov. Workers Are Hurting In Shutdown

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross clarified his earlier comments about encouraging furloughed federal workers to get loans and not understanding why they are using free services, such as food, during his interview with Bloomberg TV on Thursday.

“Well first of all, there are people experiencing hardships,” Ross said. “We had a lengthy session with some of the large portion of the workforce yesterday, trying to make sure we understand what their problems are and we are trying to do our best to mitigate them.”

“That is why the president passed the legislation guaranteeing that they will eventually get paid,” he continued. “A lot of his motivation and proposing a compromise solution to the shutdown yesterday. So we are aware, painfully aware, that there are hardships inflicted on the individual workers.”

Ross said he was just trying to make sure people were aware of other avenues to get through the shutdown.

Watch above, via Bloomberg TV

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