comScore Cliff Huxtable Once Drugged Women with BBQ Sauce on The Cosby Show

Cliff Huxtable Once Drugged Women with BBQ Sauce on The Cosby Show

In light of this week’s Bill Cosby news, Reddit has uncovered a scene from a 1990 episode of The Cosby Show in which Dr. Cliff Huxtable appears to include some sort of “special” ingredient in his barbecue sauce that makes the women in his family get extra affectionate with their respective loved ones.

When his wife Claire points out how “nice” it is that everyone is getting along so well, Cosby (as Cliff) says, “They haven’t worked anything out for themselves, it’s my barbecue sauce.”

“Haven’t you ever noticed after people have some of my barbecue sauce, after a while, when it kicks in, they get all huggy-buggy?” he asks his TV wife. “I’m dead serious. Haven’t you ever noticed that after one of my barbecues—and they have the sauce—people want to get right home?” He then informs her he has a cup of it on their night table and suggests they “go on up and have some sauce.”

Death and Taxes’ Maggie Serota notes that writing credits for the episode belong to Bernie Kukoff and Janet Leahy, “but we’d be remiss if we didn’t assume that Bill Cosby popped into the writers room with this idea?”

This is not the first time that Cosby’s art imitated what more than 40 women have asserted is his life. In a 1969 stand-up bit, the comedian joked about drugging women’s drinks with an aphrodisiac called “Spanish Fly.”

Watch the scene below:

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