Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook: Brazile’s Allegation of ‘Rigging’ Isn’t True


Robby Mook is the former Campaign Manager for the failed Hillary Clinton bid for the presidency, and appeared on CNN this morning to address some of the bombshell allegations revealed by former DNC Chair Donna Brazile in her new book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.

The book comes out tomorrow, and includes a number of controversial claims that have driven the news cycle over the past few days and drawn harsh criticism – and even calls for a Justice Department investigation from President Donald Trump. Among many of the allegations that have brought attention is Brazile’s claim that she “had found my proof [of rigging] and it broke my heart.”

Throughout the five minute interview, Mook was remarkably generous in praise of Ms. Brazile, though regarding the overall allegation of “rigging,” Mook claimed that the Bernie Sanders campaign was offered the same “deal” of funding the DNC (and benefitting from its support) as the Clinton campaign, though they didn’t take the offer.

Mook said “the arrangement in question has been released, it’s out in the public, everybody can see it. The same thing was offered to both campaigns. The DNC was broke. They couldn’t meet payroll, they were going to have to stop transferring money to state parties for its organizing effort. Both the Clinton and Trump campaign raised funds. We had to put some guardrails in place.”

Mook then strongly suggested that Brazile’s book publisher Hachette books was insistent that she include these sorts of allegations, giving the author something of a pass. Despite how harshly Brazile has treated the Clinton campaign, Mook’s tone regarding the woman who has alleged “dirty tricks” was remarkably glowing and empathetic.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.


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