CNBC Anchor Returns To Work After Year-Long Sabbatical (Yes, Really)

Who gets a year off these days? Well, CNBC’s Bill Griffeth does, that’s who. And for the record, he’s back.

Griffeth, who’s been at CNBC since before it was even called CNBC, announced in the fall of 2009 that he’d take a year off to travel, play golf, and basically not cover the markets.

Uh, did you say you’re leaving your job as a business anchor to play golf? Not like that would have anybody gossiping about the “real” reasons why Griffeth was leaving–or being forced out–which Griffeth himself responded to in his departure memo to CNBC staffers:

First let me address all of the conspiracy theories: I’m not sick, I’m not being pushed out, and I’m not going on Dancing With The Stars. It’s pretty straightforward. My wife and I are new empty-nesters, so after 28 years of doing business on TV now seems like a good time to take a break, do some traveling, work on a couple of book projects, and shave strokes off of my golf handicap. I will probably turn up on the air from time to time during the year, so I’ll still see you around.

Griffeth made his first appearance on CNBC in more than a year Monday, with a low-key return, and a mention that he’d been “off on sabbatical for a year.” No word how the golf game went–or whether he’s got a book coming out soon–but we do know Griffeth sat out all of 2010.

Meh. Didn’t miss much.

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