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CNBC Contributor: ‘I Also Like Dicks Quite A Bit.’

There’s really nothing constructive that can be said here. In fact, this whole thing is downright juvenile. But we’re allowed to laugh, so here’s a fun little gem that showed up on CNBC this week. Analyst Stephen Weiss was giving his stock recommendations, and he was talking about how the weather could affect retail sales.

Weiss recommended Dick’s Sporting Goods stock for the holiday season, but accidentally truncated the name, hence the hilarious near-misunderstanding in the video. The camera lingers on him a bit, as if to give him a chance to immediately correct himself, but he doesn’t take it and the rest of the panel moves on. You can hear one person quickly laughing, but no one acknowledges the verbal faux pas beyond it.

But what Weiss is really trying to say is that you should feel comfortable with Dick’s in your portfolio. Don’t think of Dick’s as something foreign and uncertain, think of Dick’s as a good opportunity. But if you’re going to invest your money in such a volatile market, when you go with Dick’s always make sure to have protection. After all, you can’t afford any unplanned assets at this time.

Watch the dickslip below, courtesy of CNBC:

h/t Buzzfeed

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