comScore Tilman Fertitta: People Just Need to 'Get Used to' Trump's 'Little Conflicts' of Interest

CNBC Host: People Just Need to ‘Get Used to’ Trump’s ‘Little Conflicts’ of Interest

Houston billionaire and host of CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer Tilman Fertitta argued on MSNBC Tuesday that president-elect Donald Trump‘s potential business conflicts of interest were tiny, and critics should just learn to deal with them instead of expecting Trump to set up a blind trust.

After former Obama ambassador Norm Eisen argued that Trump needed to shed his conflicts, Fertitta weighed in. “First thing, we have to discount everything Norm said, because he’s so partisan,” he replied.

“He’s the president-elect, okay? He is going to have conflicts of interest…” the restaurateur continued. “That’s why we elected him president, because he’s a true chief executive officer and he knows how to tell people what to do.”

Fertitta said it would be enough for Trump to let one of his sons run the business and then ban him from attending White House meetings. “But you are not going to stop him from talking to his one son that is running the business, okay?” he insisted.

“We are all smoking something,”Fertitta said. “It’s his business, it’s a family business. A blind trust means, you have a trustee that can just sell it. It’s never happening, get used to his little conflicts.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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