CNBC Reporter Dons Goggles; Explains How She’s ‘Less Affected’ By Teargas Than Other Journalists

CNBC has been covering the market impacts of the Greek parliament’s vote on austerity measures intended to avoid a disastrous default for the Greek economy–but which has sparked massive protests. The network’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who’s been watching the protests from a rooftop overlooking Parliament, revealed Wednesday she’s somewhat less affected by teargas than most journalists, reporting in the face of police teargas in only a pair of plastic goggles, rather than a gasmask. “I’m less affected by the tear gas. Just my eyes bother me. But that is why I’m wearing them. Everybody on the ground has them for sure. It wafts up, when there’s a lot of it, it seeps into the hotel rooms and causes you to throw up and is extremely painful. You can feel it go all the way down your esophagus.”

A general strike has disrupted services across Greece as the austerity measures will impose drastic spending cuts and tax hikes.

Watch it here, from CNBC:

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