CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin Apologizes For Saying He’d ‘Almost Arrest’ Greenwald: ‘I Veered Into Hyperbole’

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin garnered attention for remarks he made on Squawk Box on Monday when — during a discussion about NSA leaks and Edward Snowdenhe said he’d “almost arrest” Glenn Greenwald. A spat over Twitter ensued, but on Tuesday, Sorkin apologized to Greenwald on air.

“I put my foot in my mouth, and I’m sorry about this,” Sorkin said on CNBC. “When I veered into hyperbole and suggested that he almost be arrested…I have to say it didn’t come out right and I misspoke. I’m sorry I said it that way, and I’m sorry I said it.”

Sorkin said he didn’t realize how his remarks came off until the saw the clip later on. He was not trying to question the legality of publishing the NSA information, he clarified, but about implications if a journalist aided someone like Snowden.

“I overstepped with my language,” Sorkin conceded. The debate about surveillance, Snowden, and the role of the media is an important one, Sorkin argued, but he “regretted” his comments about Greenwald. Live TV entails mistakes, he noted — and in this case, he was seeking to correct his.

Watch Sorkin’s apology below, via CNBC — followed by his original comments from Monday:

From yesterday:

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