CNBC’s John Harwood Rips Trump and GOP For Child Migrant Policy: It’s Appealing to White People Resisting Diversity


CNBC’s John Harwood appeared on MSNBC Saturday morning and ripped President Donald Trump as well as the Republican Party for the current U.S. policy that separates child migrants from their families at the southern border.

“We have a president who is not honest, who lacks a moral sense, who lacks empathy,” Harwood said. “And what he is trying to do is deflect blame for a policy that he has caused to happen.”

Harwood, CNBC’s editor at large, went on to argue that the GOP is appealing to white people who want to resist diversity in the United States.

“And to do it while leading a party whose core appeal right now is to white people about resisting cultural and economic changes in the country, that have made the country more diverse,” he added. “The immigration issue has been hot in our politics for more than ten years now. But President Trump has taken it to a level that George W. Bush would find unrecognizable.”

Harwood continued:

“Because the cruelty that is being inflicted by this policy is something that the administration has chosen to do deliberately. And it’s not stopping it, because the core impulse in this party right now is to prevent the United States from becoming more diverse and having more nonwhite people in the country. So he’s speaking for those people. He’s trying to rouse those voters, those white voters in the mid term election to protect the Republican majorities, and he is crashing against the moral sense of others in the country, and we’re going to see how voters sort this out this year. There isn’t going to be a new immigration bill passed on the terms the president is talking about.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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