CNBC’s John Harwood On Debt Deal: ‘It’ll Be Forgotten By Voters Pretty Quickly’

On CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning, John Harwood seemed both far too tired to engage in jokes comparing members of the Tea Party to “terrorists” and quite convinced that voters, before too long, will forget the debt deal that will likely go to President Obama today. “It will be forgotten by voters pretty quickly,” said Harwood. “Everybody took a hit. It was not good for President Obama. It wasn’t good for John Boehner. But at the end of the day, they got something done. Remember, John Boehner knew as soon as he became Speaker after the election that this issue in particular was going to be like waterboarding for him. Because he–you had the impulses of his newly elected members and many conservatives in his caucus, everybody in Congress hates the debt ceiling. Everyone. But he knew that it had to pass eventually.”

Earlier, when Joe Kernen attempted to joke about comments reportedly made in a Democratic meeting comparing members of the Tea Party to “terrorists,” Harwood seemed confused, asking Kernen, “are you still high from last night?”

Watch it here, from CNBC:

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