CNBC’s Rick Santelli Goes Bonkers In On-Air Debate Over Debt Ceiling

The banner at the start of the CNBC segment reads “What’s the Deal?” And that’s a question some viewers may have asked by the end of the segment after watching CNBC’s Rick Santelli go very nearly grandma-punching crazy in a segment about spending and the debt ceiling. “I don’t believe in compromise on spending,” Santelli shouted. “There’s no compromise. Stop spending.” And from there it got weirder. Referring to a comment from Warren Buffet about the debt ceiling negotiations referring to the negotiations as a game of Russian roulette, Santelli said “there’s a bullet in the gun. If we keep spending, for sure we’re going to hit something and it’s going to bleed!

Shouting, pointing at the camera and gesturing wildly with his arms, Santelli was surrounded at times by traders who seemed unafraid that the CNBC star might explode. Fortunately, he ended the segment with a salute and a smile.

Watch it here, from CNBC:

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