CNBC’s Rick Santelli Makes Point by Tearing Through ‘Brick Wall’ Like the Kool-Aid Man

CNBC analyst Rick Santelli made a political point on Friday morning in a unique fashion. Using a prop brick wall, Santelli ripped into the latest lackluster employment report by ripping into that false brick wall. He said that structural unemployment and barriers to entry into the job market needed to be demolished, and proceeded to do just that to his prop wall.

He said that a lack of education represents one “barrier” to entry into the labor market and it needed to be torn down.

“Structural unemployment — don’t pay people to be structurally unemployed. That’s insulting,” Santelli exclaimed. “Let’s get them through the wall of employment.”

Another barrier he noted that was low, possibly too low, was the barrier to entry into the tech startup sector. “You need to be careful, because when the barrier entry is low your stock might go down,” Santelli shouted while smashing through his wall.

Watch the clip below via CNBC:

Santelli’s antics may remind readers of a famous Family Guy gag involving the Kool-Aid Man:

[Photo via screen grab ]

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