CNN’s Joe Johns: Is Rick Perry’s Flat Tax A ‘Hail Mary Pass’ To Save His Campaign?

Following the conclusion of Rick Perry‘s much ballyhooed comeback speech in South Carolina on his flat tax plan, CNN’s Joe Johns questioned senior political correspondent David Gergen, in football terms, if his bold, new proposal could save the Texas Governor’s campaign. “When you listen to this politically, is this sort of a hail mary pass for the Perry campaign? You know, he’s dropped in the polls and has to get back in the game, does he not?”

Gergen thought characterizing the speech as a “hail mary pass” went too far but he definitely agreed that Perry was using his new tax policy as a vehicle to reenergize his campaign. “He has a new tough advisor with national experience who know how to bring a gun to a knife fight,” Gergen observed, calling his proposal a “radical plan and some would say breathtaking.” “It is one of the most dramatic proposals we have heard in a major presidential campaign in some years. It could revisitize his campaign and that is what he intends.”

Johns noted that Steve Forbes‘ endorsement of Perry brought the Texas Governor some necessary gravitas in unveiling his tax plan.

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Guest Roberton Williams of the Tax Policy Center called Perry’s new proposal “a win/win situation for the rich.”

Watch the analysis of Perry’s flat tax speech by Gergen and Williams below via CNN:

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