CNN Airs Alleged Audio from Michael Brown Shooting

On Monday evening’s CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon debuted a recording that allegedly contains audio of the gunshots that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown earlier this month.

On August 9, police officer Darren Wilson shot Brown at least six times during an incident in Ferguson, Mo. Several witnesses claim the young man was fleeing the officer, and had his hands in the air when the fatal shot was delivered; but police officials claim Brown had violently attacked Wilson who then responded in self-defense.

An unidentified man claims to have recorded the gunfire — haphazardly, it seems, as he is heard talking about unrelated matters. At least 10 gunshots can be heard in the background, with a brief pause between the first seven and the last four or so.

Before airing the audio, Lemon cautioned his audience: “CNN cannot independent verify the authenticity of this tape. [We have] reached out to the FBI for confirmation of their interview with the Ferguson resident who says he made the recording.”

Count this audio as yet another chapter in the media’s running book of scoops that were unverified but provided for ample cable news fodder.

Watch the segment below, via CNN:

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