CNN Airs Footage Of Disturbed Flight Attendant Shrieking ‘Get Off The Plane!’

On The Situation Room, CNN aired disturbing audio from an incident on a taxied American Airlines jet Friday morning that involved a flight attendant who began shrieking over the PA system about crashing the airplane and 9/11 references.

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“Everybody was starting to look at each other, like ‘Oh, my God, What’s going on here?!’ according to CNN iReporter Laurie Grabe.

According to the other flight attendants, the woman “wrestled” for control of the mic, with passengers struggling to detain her, Grabe said. They “threw her into the first row of seats and held her down.”

Grabe reports that the attendant started “screaming bloody murder.” Her screams sounded “demonic.” The attendant “mentioned crashing at least four times.”

CNN aired the bizarre, shrill audio of the disturbed woman’s rant, as frightened passengers looked on:

An American Airlines spokesperson claimed “Our customers were not in danger at any time.” Though some observers might think this footage proves otherwise.

Watch the extraordinary footage below via CNN:

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