CNN Airs Shocking Before and After Photos of Healthy Nurse Who Contracted Coronavirus: ‘It’s Just Undeniable’

CNN on Wednesday aired the shocking before-and-after photos of a healthy San Francisco nurse who spent six weeks in hospital after contracting the coronavirus, Wednesday.

“This is Mike Schultz about a month before he got sick, on the left of course. Then on the right in the recovery ward several weeks later,” CNN’s Brianna Keilar explained. “He told BuzzFeed that before he fell ill he worked out almost every day and he was a healthy 190 pounds. Well, he’s now 140 pounds and his lung capacity is slowly coming back but it really took a hit through this.”

“Schultz said he felt so weak that he could barely hold the phone to take that picture on the right, and when he woke up, he thought he’d only been in the hospital for one week when he had been in the hospital for six,” Keilar continued, before adding, “That change, this is getting so much attention because it’s just undeniable. He looks like a different person, right? He was intubated for four and a half weeks.”

CNN medical analyst Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips responded, “It’s not just the virus but actually staying in an ICU is really hard on the body and we’ve known for a long time that there is a condition called ICU Associated Weakness that happens when people are prolonged on a ventilator. Usually, by the way, they’re put into a medically-induced coma on the ventilator because it’s not a pleasant sensation to have to live through, so two big things happen. One is that you get something called a catabolic state where your body starts actually turning to muscle for fuel, so you start breaking down your own muscles, and the second is deconditioning,” she explained. “You are at complete rest, you’re not moving around, so your muscles get super, super weak, and at the end of that what happens is what my Kentucky father-in-law would describe as you end up weak as a kitten.”

She added, “You really have no energy left to move because you have basically really removed most of your muscle strength during that time while you’re in bed.”

Watch above via CNN.

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