comScore CNN's David Chalian: Trump Saying 'I'm Ready' to Collude

CNN Analyst Goes Berserk on Trump Being Open to Foreign Dirt: He’s Saying ‘I’m Ready, Willing and Able’ to Collude

CNN political director David Chalian blasted Donald Trump on Thursday over his remarks welcoming foreign dirt to use against his opponents.

“So for two years we’ve heard nothing from President Trump other than ‘no collusion, no collusion, no collusion,'” Chalian said. “Now we hear I’m standing here willing, ready and able to collude. If somebody in a foreign country would like to share information, I’m ready to take it on. It is unthinkable what he said.”

Chalian added that Trump is “looking to actually dismantle a core function of our democracy” by flippantly “inviting in a foreign entity to play in America’s elections.” When the conversation moved towards Trump’s attempts to conflate the reception of foreign dirt with normal diplomacy, Chalian exclaimed that “that is not the same thing!”

“You’re having conversations with people in your daily course of business,” He said. “That is a totally different thing than a foreign entity offering you dirt on your opponent!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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