CNN Analyst: Is Ivanka Going to Be ‘Serious Enough’ About WH Role or Keep Reverting to ‘Daughter Mode’?


One of the big stories in today’s news cycle revolved around First Daughter and senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump getting booed at a women’s conference in Germany. The groans from the crowd were in response to Ivanka stating that her father, President Donald Trump, was a “tremendous champion of supporting families” and an advocate for women.

Well, throughout the day, there have been a number of hot takes on this incident. During a panel discussion today on CNN, anchor Wolf Blitzer attempted to elicit some more from his panelists and was rewarded with some strong commentary.

Following CNN political analyst Gloria Borger saying Ivanka’s answer was “completely predictable” because she always defends her father when it comes to his treatment of women, fellow analyst and RealClearPolitics reporter Rebecca Berg weighed in.

“It was a tough position for her to be in, Wolf,” she said. “But she reverted immediately to daughter mode. The mode we saw Ivanka in throughout the campaign.”

After pointing out that Ivanka is no longer just a daughter but now a senior adviser to the president, Berg then wondered aloud if Ivanka would be able to separate the two things:

“The question is, is she going to be serious enough about her position as a senior adviser to the president, as assistant to the president and will she start acting like she is that as opposed to acting like she is his daughter? Which is, I think at this point, kind of a secondary job.”

In an interview with NBC News’ Hallie Jackson today, Ivanka Trump bristled at the description of her as an “accomplice” to her father, stating that she didn’t “like the intonation” of it.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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