CNN Analyst Joshua Green Says ‘No Value’ in Briefings: Sarah Sanders Will Just ‘Get Out and Lie to Journalists’


It has now been over a month since White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered questions from the podium, but Bloomberg writer and CNN political analyst Joshua Green doesn’t see the point in daily briefings because Sanders will just “lie” to the assembled press.

During the “Overtime” segment of this week’s Real Time with Bill Maher, host Bill Maher pointed out the long interval since the last briefing.

“There hasn’t been a press conference, a press briefing since December 18th, I think?” Maher asked.

“Not a formal one, but what’s the point?” Green asked. “I mean, you know, Sarah Sanders will get out and lie to journalists, there was really isn’t any value there.”

“So you both sort of agreed, like, if you’re just going to lie why do this? Neither side wanted it?” Maher asked.

“No, it’s our job to show up and ask questions and document what happens, create a record of that, you know inform our readers and our viewers what’s happening,” Green said. “But that can’t be the only line of attack.”

“I think to the great credit of a lot of people, maybe not so much during the campaign but afterwards, you had fantastic journalism in the New York Times and The Washington Post,” Green added. “We’ve done major financial investigations at Bloomberg. into Trump, into all the myriad conflicts of interests that are driving this administration and tearing the country to pieces.”

Watch the clip above, via Real Time Overtime.

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